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2019-08-28 0 comments Web projects

We have streams of products catering for everyone’s need and our aim is to get these products to every nook and cranny in Africa. That is why at SILTFO, we distribute our products through our vast network of affiliates all over the continent.

Our distributors are independent selling agents who purchase SILTFO products as wholesalers and sell to others.

We offer unique products that are trendy, smart, durable and marketable, so that our affiliates and distributors can earn minimum of 20% to 40% profit margin on these products.

In SILTFO, we believe that the best way to get our products to those that really need them is to build an affiliate network base of people who will use these products and in turn tell others (friends, family and acquaintances) about it, whereby they make decisions to purchase either for personal use or resell for profit.

We want to have SILTFO affiliate members and products in every family and we want our affiliates to own the franchise of our business up to 75%.

Become an Affiliate today and have access to our Product Distribution Scheme.

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