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SILTFO has an exciting business package that allows you to invest and own the products we sell all over Africa. In other words, you could CO-OWN our next Phone, TV, Solar Energy and other Product types that will be introduced to the market. Hence, you have an opportunity to earn profit for life as long as these products are sold in Africa.


* We do the market research

* We suggest best products                                                       

* You choose a product

* We write an MOU

* You Invest

* We brand, Distribute and Market

* You get your capital Investment and Earn profit for life as long as the products sell...

SILTFO is offering an opportunity to invest in our vast range of products. Our products are categorized as follows:-

       1. Electronics and Smart devices

       2. Solar Energy Devices

       3. Health and Fitness Products 

       4. Fashion Wears and Accessories

You can invest in any of the categories and earn income for life as long as the product’s is sold. This opportunity is open to a limited few, and at the discretion of the management.


  1. Product Distribution:- Product distributors are SILTFO  independent selling agents who sell SILTFO products exclusively as wholesalers or retailers.
  2. Products Investment:-  Product Investors are those who provide fund in exchange for an ownership stake in SILTFO products with profits sharing for life.
  3. Product Manufacturing:- A product Manufacturer here is one who produces SILTFO branded specification of food, groceries, medicine, fashion accessories or petroleum products we sell in all our affiliate super markets and outlets.